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Tips For Maintaining Ceramic Dishes

Nov. 27, 2019

Many people will have ceramic tableware at home, which has a white glaze and delicate texture, which is the favorite of many families. So how do we maintain it to keep it bright? Next White Ceramic Beef Dishes Supplier will introduce to you the ceramic dishes maintenance tips so that the crockery is as clean as new.

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1. Boiling disinfection

The finished products of most ceramic dishes contain some elements that have serious harm to our human health. For example, lead is one of them. Because this the pottery and porcelain cutlery that buys commonly is to be able to use the vinegar of certain concentration to fuse water to boil all cutlery in water undertake disinfection, can remove cutlery above a few poisonous substance.

2. Salt boiling strengthening

Newly purchased ceramic dishes can be placed in brine and boiled for a period of time at the very beginning, so ceramic products will not easily broken, thus extending their service life, but also for the home to save money oh.

3. Clean after use

To clean the used ceramic dishes, first use hot water to thoroughly dissolve the oil stains on the entire tableware, and then you can use a loofah to wipe it thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

4. Placement method

Ceramic dishes is generally prone to chipping, so try not to overlap them directly when placing, so that the damage to the surface of various tableware is avoided. Handle it gently to avoid hitting hard objects. If it is damaged or broken, please dispose of it and handle it carefully to avoid being cut.

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