Is the Tea Stain on the Tea Cup not Harmful to the Human Body?

Jan. 16, 2020

Friends who love to drink tea will find that if the teacup or tea set is used for a long time if you do not clean it often, you will see a thick layer of tea stains attached to the bottom of the teacup. If often do not wash the accumulation of tea scale will affect the cup of beauty, but also affect the interest in drinking tea.

Regarding tea stains, we all have different opinions. One is the saying that there is no tea three-fragrant, that is, use this teacup and teapot with tea stains to soak water, even if you do not put tea leaves, you will drink it. There is a faint scent of tea; another way of saying it is that tea stains are harmful to the human body because they are not cleaned because there are many heavy metals in the tea stains, which are harmful to the human body when they are in the stomach. So, how is tea stain formed, and what is it made of? Is drinking water in a teacup with tea stains really harmful to the human body? Cheap Ceramic Mug supplier shares with you.

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In fact, tea scale is formed by tea rust slowly at the beginning, tea friends who have been drinking tea for a long time will not be difficult to find that there is always a layer of brownish-red substances on the teacup. This is the initial tea rust. Because tea contains a lot of chemical ingredients, tannins are one of them. The chemical properties of tannins are unstable. They will be oxidized and become dark after encountering oxygen. That's why the tea gets darker the longer you leave it. As the tannins continue to oxidize, the molecules react with each other to make themselves bigger and bigger, resulting in a compound called tannic anhydride, which is insoluble in water and brown in color, and then slowly precipitated from tea and adhered to the teacup, which will form a layer of brown-red that we commonly see Tea rusted.

Teacup and tea set with tea rust. If the tea is not cleaned and kept exposed to the air, this is another component of tea polyphenols in tea, which will react with the substances in tea rust to form a thicker tea scale. It can be seen that the main components of the tea scale are tea polyphenols and carbon and oxygen elements from polyphenol polymers. In addition, there are calcium elements of water. At the same time, a small amount of metal ions will participate in the formation of tea scales. Such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metal pollutants, but this is not the main metal element of tea scale, the amount is very small, not enough to cause harm to the body, but unqualified tea set is the culprit of heavy metal pollutants, so Don't worry when drinking tea.

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