How to Remove the Tea Stains on the Teacup 2?

Mar. 23, 2020

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Toothpaste cleaning method. Toothpaste is a practical and convenient cleaning method. It can be squeezed out and evenly applied to the tea dirt on the inner surface of the teacup. After repeated application and scrubbing with a rag for three minutes, it will be found that the toothpaste turns yellow, that is to say, the tea stain has been cleaned. At this time, it only needs water to be cleaned.

Orange peel cleaning method. For very stubborn tea dirt, we need to use a slightly more complex method to remove it. At this time, we can find some orange peel, put the cup with tea dirt and orange peel together in the pot and boil them, and then use a brush or toothbrush to wash and wash them, which will be done soon.

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Potato skin cleaning method. The stubborn tea dirt can also be cleaned with potato peel, which is similar to the orange peel method. But this time, the peeled potato peel is boiled in a pot separately, and then the boiled potato flake water is used to clean the tea dirt. The main reason is that the potato contains starch, which usually has a strong adsorption force, so it is easy to remove the tea dirt in the cup Leave for about five minutes and wash with water.

Vinegar cleaning method. Vinegar is an acid substance, and a tea scale is an alkaline substance. It can be effectively cleaned by neutralization reaction in chemistry, that is, pour the proper amount of vinegar into the teacup, mix the vinegar and tea scale evenly, then put the teacup into the basin, add boiled water and vinegar, soak for ten minutes, and then wash with a brush. The effect of removing the tea scale is very good.

Looking at these methods, are you still worried about the teacup dirt can not be removed? These simple and convenient practical small methods to remember to put in mind at any time to use Oh!

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