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How to remove odor stains on kitchen utensils?

Dec. 13, 2019

Cutlery is used every day in life. If you use it for a long time or leave it for a long time, it will produce certain taste and stains. If you do not remove it in time, it will not only affect the beauty of the tableware but also affect the meals and meals. The odor stains on it, follow the kitchen ceramic tableware supplier to see it!

1. OEM Kitchen Ceramic Dishes, plates and other containers are easy to produce dirty products, you can use edible salt or the roots of tea leaves that have been drunk, or you can use vinegar to scrub carefully. After washing, you will find our tableware is clean As always.

2. For custom Ceramic Dishes that hold milk or eggs, the odor is light. You can soak it in cold water for a while and then rinse it with hot water to eliminate the odor.

3. It is no problem to cut ordinary vegetables with a domestic kitchen knife. If you cut meat, especially fish, it will have a heavy fishy smell and it will be difficult to remove. At this time, there is actually a little trick to help everyone. Just wipe the kitchen knife repeatedly with ginger slices, and then you will find that the fishy smell is gone, simple and convenient, is n’t it amazing?

Custom Ceramic Dishes

4. If it is a cutting board at home, that is, if the cutting board is stained with oil or taste, it is not very practical with ginger. At this time, you can use about two spoons of vinegar and 200ml of warm water, and then pour it the cutting board on the paper towel and leave for 15 minutes, the dirt on the cutting board will be easily removed, the odor will disappear, and there is a certain sterilization effect. In addition, the cutting board should be washed immediately with hot water after use, and it can be dried when there is sufficient sunlight to achieve disinfection and sterilization.

5. The iron tableware will rust if left unused for a long time. For rusty iron kitchenware, you can soak it in rice water for several hours, and then clean it with water to become brand new.

6. If the kitchen lid, casserole, aluminum basin, and other kitchen utensils appear dirty or oily stains that are not easy to clean, you can use salt or alkali to clean them, or use vinegar and salt to wipe them to remove them.

In addition, the odor generated by Small size appetizer ceramic plates can also be removed by soaking in milk, scrubbing waste tea leaves, or soaking in salt water; you can also wash it with dish-washing liquid and then use fresh orange peel or lemon peel or vinegar and cover it After the lid is left for 3 to 4 hours, it can also remove odors when it is cleaned. This method can soften hard water due to the effect of acid and increase the gloss of porcelain.