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How Does Imitation Porcelain Tableware Differ From True Porcelain Tableware?

Dec. 21, 2019

Imitation porcelain tableware and ceramic tableware are extremely similar in appearance, so it is easy to be confused by looking at the appearance. It is not easy to distinguish which is imitation porcelain and which is real porcelain. If you do not know how to distinguish, it is easy to buy and confuse. In fact, if you understand the imitation porcelain tableware, you will find that they are still different, and it is better to distinguish them. Below is the cheap Ceramic Dishes supplier to take a look with everyone!

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Imitation porcelain tableware is a kind of tableware that looks similar to porcelain with resin as the raw material. It is also called "melamine tableware". It is firmer than porcelain, non-fragile, bright in color and strong in finish. However, improper use of melamine tableware is harmful. For example, many people may not know that melamine tableware will release melamine and formaldehyde monomers under high temperature. It will affect human health if used for a long time, especially children's immunity Low, if you do not pay attention to the use method is very harmful to health. Therefore, in consideration of safety and practicality, it is better to use ceramic tableware as much as possible, and less melamine tableware! It is also easy to distinguish methods, there are several methods:

First of all, we can distinguish by weight. Because imitation porcelain is made of resin and the weight in the hand is different from real porcelain, the lighter is imitation porcelain, and real porcelain will be heavier.

Secondly, look at appearance. Although the appearance of imitation porcelain is very similar to that of real porcelain, if you look closely, you will find that imitation porcelain is not only more solid, but its color and luster are very bright. In addition, the real porcelain can be illuminated with a lamp, and it will be found that its brightness is very good and its permeability is very strong, but imitation porcelain is not.

Then, we can also distinguish from the sound of tapping. There will be a crisper sound when knocking on imitation porcelain, and a dull sound when hitting real porcelain.

In the end, there is a price comparison. Generally, the price of imitation porcelain is much cheaper than real porcelain tableware, so it is very popular with the public. Therefore, if you want to buy real porcelain tableware, the price is definitely more expensive than imitation porcelain.

Through the introduction above, have you learned something? True porcelain and imitation porcelain are difficult to distinguish easily based on one feature alone, so you must comprehensively consider multiple aspects to distinguish them more accurately!

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