How to Remove the Tea Stains on the Teacup 1?

Mar. 21, 2020

Drinking tea is a living habit for many people. In addition to the tea tables in many offices, a set of delicate tea tables and tea sets are also placed in the home for people to use. Many people also carry teacups so that they can drink tea whenever they go out. However, drinking too much tea will inevitably lead to the accumulation of tea stains on teacups and tea sets, which is very unattractive and affects the interest of drinking tea. So how to remove tea stains on the teacup? Learn these little ways to make stubborn tea stains go forever! Ceramic Dishes supplier shares with you.

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Salt cleaning method. To remove tea stains with table salt, first, pour a little water into the teacup, then dipped some salt evenly with your hand or sponge and cover the tea stains. Rub until the tea stains are rubbed off. At this time, you may be surprised to find your fingers. Or the sponge is stained with the color of the tea, it means that the tea stain has been washed off, and then just rinse it with water.

Wash eggshells with white vinegar. This method requires us to break and grind the eggshells into a crushed shape, and then clean the cup with powdered eggshells. If tea stain is difficult to remove, you can also add white vinegar to the powdered eggshells, and use a brush Brush and wash with water after cleaning. In this way, the effect of the cleaning will be very good, the effect is very obvious after washing, and it looks very clean like new.

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