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What Are The Hazards Of Using More Disposable Tableware?

Dec. 20, 2019

The faster and faster pace of life will produce some of the products of the fast era. Disposable tableware is one of them, but since the birth of disposable tableware has been mixed, it has brought great convenience to our lives. At the same time, there are many disadvantages. Although it can not be said that all disposable tableware is harmful, in order to reduce costs, the quality and hygiene of much disposable tableware on the market is indeed worrying. The health of the human body is harmful, and it will cause serious pollution to the environment. Our company provides Non-toxic Ceramic Dishes.

At present, the common disposable tableware is mainly plastic lunch boxes. In the manufacturing process of some plastic products, in order to give plastic a colorful appearance or make the plastic more stable, plasticizers, dyes, and stabilizers containing heavy metals are added. , Flame retardants and other chemical agents, so its components are some difficult to degrade compounds, with a certain toxin itself, using such tableware to contain high temperature or oily food will release harmful substances, and the toxins will be transferred to the food, This has an adverse effect on certain organs of the human body.

Non-toxic Ceramic Dishes

Although disposable tableware brings convenience to life, it also brings a lot of harm. In addition to not being good for your health, it will also have a great impact on our natural environment. Disposable plastic tableware is discarded after use. The characteristics will cause a waste of resources, increase the cost of garbage disposal, the generation of a large amount of plastic garbage, and also increase the burden of environmental self-repair. In addition, the components of disposable lunch boxes are compounds that are difficult to degrade naturally. Therefore, the processing methods are usually buried or incinerated. No matter which of these two methods is harmful to the environment, if it is incinerated, Plant incineration, in addition to increasing the amount of garbage, will also generate harmful gases that will pollute the atmosphere. Burying or random disposal will cause certain harm to the soil, which will affect the crops and plants growing in the soil, and may also block drainage ditches or Causes animals to die by eating and endangers the biological environment.

Heart shaped ceramic dishes supplier remind you to reduce the use of disposable tableware and live a healthy life every day.