What Is The Difference Between a Black Tea Cup And a Coffee Cup?

Jan. 15, 2020

Chinese tea culture has a long history, and the way Chinese people taste tea is also colorful and has its own characteristics. The western coffee and the Chinese tea ceremony have the same effect, and they pay more attention to drinks and more special attention to drinking tea sets. Cheap Ceramic Mug supplier shares with you.

Usually, the black teacups we use are designed to make the black tea's fragrance spread well and to enjoy the color of black tea when drinking. Generally, the black teacups are designed with a wide mouth, shallow bottom, and good light transmission.

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Coffee is more prevalent in western European and American countries, and in Latin American countries, people drink coffee as often as boiling water. They can drink it many times a day. In China, drinking coffee has gradually become a fashion and more and more popular. Drinking coffee is a treat in itself, just like Chinese tea and wine, you need to taste it slowly. Therefore, in addition to the choice of coffee itself, there are certain requirements for the cup. For coffee cups, some people like to use thick-textured earthenware cups to hold deep-massed deep-roasted coffee, and many people like to use porcelain cups to explain the delicate aroma of coffee. However, many coffee cups are designed with narrow mouths, thick materials, and low light transmission.

The color of black tea is a touch of orange or yellow, and it looks brighter; coffee is clear amber, so whether it is a black teacup or a coffee cup, it is best to choose the cup with a white inner wall. The characteristics of coffee are well presented. For many coffee cups, a cup with a wide mouth is also used, which is convenient for putting various shapes on the surface of the coffee to improve viewing. Therefore, there is also a cup with a wide mouth and a moderate depth at the bottom. The red teacup can also be used as a universal cup for coffee cups, which is much loved by young people.

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